Double diaphragm shock absorber

For pumping aggressive products,  DKM – Clextral has developed a unique system for protection against abrasion and corrosion.

The alternating positive displacement pumps may generate pulses. There are conventional systems designed to attenuate this phenomenon to a reasonable level, the best known of which is the bottle system with an integral pre-inflated bladder.

Whilst their efficiency is indisputable, the resistance of these shock absorbers to mechanical and especially chemical aggression is relatively low, as the bottles are in steel, possibly coated, or in stainless steel, with the bladders consisting of a limited number of elastomers.

As a result of the range of products that DKM – Clextral has been required to pump, we have developed our own exclusive system, largely prompted by our pumping heads (see drawing below). This separator protects a standard shock absorber (e.g. steel body, nitrile bladder) against abrasion and corrosion.

The double diaphragm shock absorber offers the following technical advantages:

  • Pulses are transmitted hydraulically to the shock absorber. As on our pumping heads, there is an intermediate safety space.
  • The diaphragm rupture detection systems (sandwich or by resistivity variation) remain applicable.
  • The materials in contact with the fluid carried are the same as those used on the pump: PTFE-coated nitrile diaphragms or metal diaphragms. Shock absorber chamber in stainless steel, hastelloy, uranus, titanium or plastic (PVC-PPH-PVDF), etc.
  • Mounting from the pump delivery may be horizontal or vertical.
  • Grid transparency and diaphragm flexibility ensure the same efficiency as when the shock absorber is mounted directly on the product.
  • The shock absorber chamber may be cooled or heated very easily (with high temperatures, a finned cooler is fitted between the bladder bottle and the separator and enables running under normal temperature conditions).
  • Measuring systems can be fitted to the hydraulic part of the separator (pressure and/or temperature sensors), and thus be protected against corrosion and abrasion.

If you are interested in the  DKM – Clextral double diaphragm shock absorbers, please contact our Sales Department