Magnetic Check Valves

Different products require different check valves: magnetic check valves are for electrically charged products.

The  DKM – Clextral patented magnetic check valves obviate the use of springs, which are not always compatible with the products being pumped.

Products containing solid particles in suspension tend to settle to the bottom. So-called “inverse”, or top-down pumping encourages the product to flow, preventing any gradual deposition of the particles at the bottom of the dosing head and around the check valves. However, with this type of pumping it is important to keep the balls in contact with the seats. The conventional spring system is an additional factor tending to foul the check valve. Here again,  DKM – Clextral magnetic check valves are the solution.

How do the  DKM – Clextral magnetic check valves work?

The balls are maintained on the seats by a soft-iron core, 100% coated with stainless steel (or other materials compatible with the pumped product), impelled by a magnetic field. This field is generated externally to the fluid line by an assembly of magnetic rings called ferrites. These are positioned by a set of removable inserts, which controls the force of the pressure maintaining the balls on their seats.

Completely removing all the inserts totally neutralises the check valves. This facilitates the full refill and the degassing of the pumping head with no discharge to atmosphere.

The permanent magnetisation of the ferrites does not require any external energy source, and enables an ongoing, unlimited operation with no constraints.

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