Calibration Pot

The calibration pot enables pump performance to be recalibrated.

As a rule, the dosing pump is used alone, without a flowmeter. The user must fully trust the value displayed on the stroke control system as the pump is by definition a positive displacement pump. The factory-set calibration curve may in fact show flow values different from those obtained in situ.

In this event, the calibration pot is used to recalibrate pump performance. This accessory, supplied by DKM – Clextral, is installed as a branch connection on the suction line and downstream from a line valve.

Several designs are possible:

  • In PVC or shockproof graduated glass for low flow rates and suction pressures.
  • In steel with external level for high flow rates and suction pressures.

If you are interested in the calibration pots, please contact our Sales Department

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