DKM Technologies

The DKM-Clextral dosing and injection pumps consist of a dosing head and a connecting rod drive mechanism with integral reduction gear

The rotational movement of the motor is translated into an alternating movement of the piston to give a precise linear flow.

Oil bath and hydrodynamic lubrication of the bearings ensure the longevity of the components and smooth running of the mechanism, and obviate the need for pressure lubrication.

The mechanical design of the DKM-Clextral pumps is based on a principle of simplicity and quality, ensuring flow adjustment accuracy, high performance, excellent reliability and tried and proven versatility.

DKM-Clextral pumps can be fitted with either diaphragm or plunger piston heads.

The check valve boxes on both these systems are especially easy to maintain.

We offer 7 types of multiplex pumps.

We also offer numerous pump accessories: diaphragm shock absorbers, pressure-holding system, flanges, etc.