Piston Dosing Heads

Plunger piston dosing heads: an economic solution   

The plunger piston dosing head offers the best performance/price ratio for neutral products or for pressures above 300 bar.

DKM – Clextral offers as standard stainless steel for parts in contact with the fluid. The pistons may also be coated (ceramic, chrome or chrome oxide).

The packings are Teflon-kevlar based and in a grade compatible with the chemical aggressivity of the pumped product and the working temperature.

To ensure maximum respect for the environment, a specially designed drain is used to collect the drips, whatever the position of the plunger piston. All the dosing heads provide for the possibility of a flushing circuit.

A barrier between the lubricating oil and the pumped product is ensured by separation of the dosing head and the mechanical part by the lantern ring.