Mechanical Design

The mechanical design of the DKM-Clextral dosing and injection pumps is particularly simple and ingenious and provides for easy and reduced maintenance. It is particularly suitable for intensive use.

The design of the DKM-Clextral pumps is based on principles of:

  • Simplicity:  DKM-Clextral dosing and injection pumps consist of a dosing head and a connecting rod drive mechanism with integral reduction gear. The rotational movement of the motor is translated into an alternating movement of the piston to give a precise linear flow. Oil bath and hydrodynamic lubrication of the bearings ensure the longevity of the components and the smooth running of the mechanism, and obviate the need for pressure lubrication.
  • Flow adjustment accuracy from 0.5 % to 1 %.
  • Linearity: DKM-Clextral pumps ensure a linear flow, whatever the working pressure. The stroke setting is highly reproducible.
  • Flexibility: Flow is adjustable, while the pump is running or stopped, from 0 to 100 % of maximum output. From 10 to 100 %, accuracy is 0.5 – 1 % (APl 675), depending on the flow range. For better dosed product economy, DKM pumps operate at a nil flow rate (absolute zero).
  • Safety: Locking the setting ensures constancy of flow.
    • Standard: Manual flow adjustment is by a vernier graduated from 0 to 1000/0, accurate to 0.5 %. Flow may be adjusted by varying the piston stroke or the speed, or by a combination of the two.
    • Optional: DKM-Clextral offers various types of control:
– by electropneumatic servomotor (signal 3-15 psig),- by electric servomotor (signal usually 4-20 mA),- by frequency variator on asynchronous motor,- by speed variation of dc motor with tachymetric dynamo,
– by stroke counter.
  • Performance: The DKM-Clextral pumps can be fitted with all types of motor, sealed or explosion-proof. Motor rating: 0.37 to 200 kW. Speeds range from 30 to 170 c/min, depending on the model and the application.
  • Reliability: The DKM-Clextral pump range, series J to DC130, complies with international standards APl 675 and APl 674. The safety factor resulting from these standards, together with DKM-Clextral’s design experience, ensure components with excellent longevity.   To ensure the quality of the products delivered, each pump is tested prior to delivery. Their design meets European environmental standards. The quality assurance system has ISO 14001 certification. The manual is available for consultation by the customer and our premises are regularly inspected. DKM-Clextral produces all types of manufacturer documentation.
  • Adaptability: The DKM-Clextral pumps are adaptable and can be modified to meet the user’s requirements. The drive mechanisms can be fitted with either piston or diaphragm dosing heads. Should the conditions of use of a pump change, the dosing head can be modified accordingly. All the drive mechanisms can also be fixed flow drives.

DKM-Clextral’s current range comprises 7 drive mechanism models, multiplexable with one another, and with or without stroke adjustment to meet the requirements of the process.

Our design office will always assess the feasibility of any specific development. These same principles extend to our designs and products for turnkey proposals.