DC 130

DC130 pumps are API674 positive displacement piston or diaphragm pumps for the dosing and injection of fluids.

  • Output: up to 120 m m3/h. 
  • Pressures: up to 400 bar.
  • Flow adjustable by frequency variation.
  • Stroke length: 130 mm.
  • Maximum thrust: 15000 daN.
  • Maximum motor rating: 210 KW.

The DC130 is the most high-performance pump of the DKM high-capacity pumps. It can provide a thrust well above that of the DC100 and it is also used for the dosing or transfer of fluids in numerous oil, chemical or food applications, and is the basic version of our nuclear applications.

Flow Adjustment:

The flow rate of the DC130 pumps is set mechanically and can be adjusted by varying the frequency of the motor.


DC130 plunger piston or diaphragm triplex or sextuplex pump drive mechanisms may be combined.

Dosing heads: the DC130 pump may be fitted with two types of dosing head:

Plunger piston dosing head: for neutral products or pressures up to 400 bar.
Diaphragm dosing head: complete tightness, safety, total protection up to 200 bar.

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