Super MD

SUPER MD pumps are API 675 positive displacement piston or diaphragm pumps for metering and injection of fluids.

  • Outputs up to 10700 L/h at 4 bar 
  • Pressures up to 440 bar for 83 l/h
  • Flow adjustable from 0 to 100 % while running or stopped
  • Maximum stroke length : 50 mm
  • Maximum thrust : 1250 daN
  • Maximum motor rating : 4 kW 

Mechanical reliability of the Super KL pumps is ensured by the limited number of moving parts, which are generously sized. Readily accessible, these components are installed in dust-  and splashproof housing for reduced maintenance costs.

The flow rate of the Super MD pumps is adjustable manually as standard by micrometric screw with a sealed dial graduated from 0 to 100 % of the maximum stroke. The adjustment is made by variation of the piston stroke. Accuracy is below 1 % from 10 to 100 % of maximum output.

The Super MD pumps are driven by a pneumatic servomotor powered in both directions, adjusting output between 0 to 100 % depending on the air pressure of the control signal, from 3 to 15 psig. Other options are possible with electropneumatic converters and frequency variation motors…

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