Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas: extraction, production and storage applications

Purpose-dedicated Equipment

The API 674 and 675 compliant DKM pumps are intended for the oil and gas markets. The design of these pumps, manufactured to operate 24/24, and the dimensioning and provision of purpose-dedicated equipment ensure maximum availability of the installations. The numerous references confirm the competitiveness of our products in these demanding industries, in which the equipment has to be totally reliable.

In direct relations with the oil and gas manufacturers or the various engineering departments, DKM maintains a presence in all the major producing countries, fromRussiatoChina, from the Maghreb to the Middle East, as well as in theNorth Seaand Sub-Saharan Africa.

For the applications concerned, DKM mainly offers plunger piston pumps with a capacity of 0.5 l/h to 8 m3/h. The pressures can be high, especially with offshore extraction, for which DKM supplies pumps working at 300 bar and higher.

In the case of corrosive, abrasive and toxic products, or where pumping conditions are difficult, the drive mechanisms may be fitted with diaphragm dosing heads.

Specific Requirements

  • Distinctive Quality Assurance

On request, DKM will provide all the required contract documents: certificates of conformity, material certificates, specially modified plans, schedules, etc.

The quality assurance system is ISO9001 certified and the QA manual is available for consultation by the customer on request.

  • Aggressive Environments

DKM adapts its pumps to the particular environment of the places of extraction: marine environments requiring paints providing protection from saline corrosion; sand winds requiring additional seals and protection; conditions of extreme cold requiring special metals (e.g. high strength SG cast iron).

  • Explosive Environments

The pump models can all be fitted with explosion-proof motors. The accessories, control devices and shock absorbers also meet the same requirements. The pumping heads may, when required, be fitted with explosive gas scavenging systems (e.g. for T.E.A. applications). Additionally, the DKM pumps comply with the provisions of Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX) governing equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Oil Extraction and Production Pumps

  • Methanol injection pumps for antifrost treatment of the extracted hydrocarbons, flow rates ranging from 0.5 l/h at 100 bar to 300 l/h at 350 bar. The necessary pumps range from the Super K to the GD 60-2 multiplex units, usually plunger piston pumps, coated for high pressures.
  • Glycol, monoethylene glycol and triethylene injection and circulation pumps for drying the hydrocarbons: pressures from 100 to 150 bar, output several hundred l/h to 6000 l/h. The triplex version GD 60-2 plunger piston pumps are often the best suited.
  • Dosing and injection units for offshore work, comprising antifoam, demulsifier, bactericide, corrosion inhibitor, antideposit, anticarbonate, antiparaffin and methanol dosing and injection pumps. Flow rates and pressures are usually low or medium, although the pressure can sometimes increase to 300 bar. The Super K and Super KL are the most often used pumps.
  • Condensate and hydrocarbon transfer pumps.

Gas Extraction and Storage Pumps

  • Corrosion inhibitor injection pumps
  • Condensate transfer pumps (a few m3/h)
  • Glycol injection and circulation pumps, pressures 100 to 150 bar, output 4000 l/h.
  • Methanol injection pumps, pressures 80 to 250 bar, output 100 to 300 l/h.
  • Gas odorisation dosing pumps

DKM has numerous references, especially for the antifrost treatment of gas stored underground and gas lift operations.


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For these applications, DKM has supplied its customers with thousands of pumps inRussia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb, the Middle East and inFrancefor export by the major engineering companies to theUK,Italy,ChinaandTaiwan.