Reversible Check Valves

Different products require different check valves: reversible check valves are for hazardous products.

The  DKM – Clextral API 674 and 675 pumps carry a wide variety of fluids, some of which, by virtue of their chemical nature, represent a serious danger for the environment as well as for maintenance operations.

During bleeding-off operations, even when blowing through the pump, small quantities of hazardous product may sometimes remain in the pump chamber when the pump has been stopped, in which case disassembling it is dangerous.

The original system patented by  DKM – Clextral under the name of “reversible check valves”, by simple action on their handles, enables the valves to rotate through 180º, thus ensuring the pumps are drained completely through the inverted valves.

Their innovative nature lies in the installation of the ball/seat pair in a spherical ball-type valve modified to ensure complete reversibility (see drawing opposite).

With the operation reversed, the pump is ready to be restarted.

This system requires no disassembly; the operator is not in contact with the product; and the operation is fast and completely safe.

The reversible check valves are especially suitable for bromine chemistry in their PVDF version.

The available materials (plastics and metals) cover a wide range of applications.

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