Nuclear pumps

DKM, a division of Clextral, specialises in piston and diaphragm alternating positive displacement pumps, and in 1967 embarked on the manufacture of pumps intended for safety injection circuits for nuclear power plants.

In 1977, Clextral-DKM integrated these pumps into an exclusive hydraulic drive system. This distinctive system met a particular need and so enabled Clextral to introduce these pumps into virtuallyFrance’s entire nuclear installed base (900/1300MW and N4) and also to obtain a number of export contracts (Belgium,South Africa,South Korea, and more particularly in China (CPR1000)).

Plunger piston and mechanical drive pumps have also been installed in nuclear power plants, notably in Finland andChina (EPR plants),Switzerland andBelgium.

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GHC Pumps

DC 100 – DC 130 Pumps

Other Pumps

 Pompe nucléaire GHC    

Altogether, Clextral DKM has supplied 78 pumps on 37 sites, thereby feeding over 99 reactors. All these pumps were designed in accordance with specific RCC-M and/or ASME codes. The pumps were qualified for operation by calculation and on vibrating table for earthquake resistance. As a result, Clextral DKM has obtained numerous certifications and approvals (EDF, AREVA, TRACTEBEL, CEFRI, HAF604, etc).

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