Nuclear industry

Pumps for the Nuclear Industry:

Pompe nucléaire GHC

Hydrostatic test pumps for the nuclear industry

DKM is a key global supplier of test and safety pumps for the nuclear power plants with pressurized water reactors (PWR). This specific type of pump has been selected for most  of the French nuclear plants as well as for nuclear plants in Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea, South Africa and China.

DKM technology is also applied in the chemical refining process of spent nuclear fuel.

Close to 40 years experience in nuclear pumps:

Since 1971, the technology division of DKM Clextral has been chosen by EDF and AREVA/Framatome? to supply hydrostatic testing pumps for the French nuclear program of  pressurized water reactors.

The first pumps were successfully integrated to Tihange 1 in Belgium, and they have since

become a standard for French and Chinese pressurized water reactors.

Clextral DKM was also selected to provide extra-boration pumps for the new generation of EPR nuclear power plants located on the Olkiluoto site in Finland and on the Taishan site in China.

The pumps, which were initially designed to meet the  Western pressurized water reactors’ requirements, were also adapted to the Russian (VVER) and the U.S. pressurized water reactor models (Westinghouse).

To date, DKM has provided over  60 pumps for the nuclear industry worldwide.

Some of these pumps perform multiple functions (hydraulic test of the primary circuit, charging the accumulators, safety injection to the primary pump seal) while other, more basic in their design, carry out simpler functions.

A guarantee of quality and safety:

All system pumps are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME and  RCCM nuclear manufacturing codes. Our pumps are also qualified by calculation and on a vibrating table  to meet seismic requirements.

Our expertise and complete control of processes allow us to provide innovative and reliable solutions in extremely complex conditions.