Oil, gas and chemical pumps Services & Maintenance

For any queries regarding our pumps after-sales service, please contact us on:

Tel: +33 (0) 477 40 31 37

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  • On-site servicing and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Pump repair or modification
  • Spare parts
  • The training of your teams

On-site Servicing and Maintenance:

To provide on-site after-sales service, to take action during scheduled maintenance downtime, or to meet any unexpected incidents, DKM has a team of qualified after-sales technicians, specially trained to work on chemical and petrochemical installations.

DKM helps you to reduce your maintenance costs:

Because maintenance is normally scheduled, and since long-term planning is essential, DKM offers its customers a preventive maintenance programme.

Upgrades and Modifications to Your Pumps

To ensure the maximum reliability, longevity and efficiency of your pumps, DKM will upgrade or modify them to meet new conditions (increased flow capacity, change of heads, conversion of piston to diaphragm, different type of drive mechanism).

These “revamping” operations are carried out in our workshops and you receive a test report together with a flow/pressure curve graph. A guarantee on the replacement parts means you are fully protected against any risk of an untimely incident.

Spare Parts: A Team at your Service

Our expertise as a designer and manufacturer means you can obtain the best advice in the shortest possible time thanks to our permanent stock of your essential wearing parts. Gaskets, tresses, check valves, ball guides, valve seats, diaphragms and pistons in various materials and of all sizes are regularly ordered so that we can always meet the most common requirements of our customers in the shortest possible time.

dedicated sales team is on hand to handle all your requests for spare parts. For each request, please have your pump number ready to enable us to identify the parts and meet your needs as quickly as possible. Link to the spare part(s) request form.

Train yourself on our pumps:

Training sessions either on site or in our facility in Firminy are organised by our specialists to develop the skills of your operators and familiarise them with our products. The themes are adapted according to the needs of the participants.

At the end of the course, copies of the documents presented will be given to the participants, whose number is usually limited to a maximum of 6 at a time, for quality purposes.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact our Sales Department