Refineries & petrochemical Industry

Pumps for refineries and petrochemical industry :

The API 674 and 675 compliant DKM pumps are intended for the refining and petrochemical markets.

In direct relations with the refiners or the various engineering departments, DKM maintains a presence in all the major European processing countries, notably inRussiabut also inChinaandIndia.

For the applications concerned, DKM mainly offers plunger piston pumps with a capacity of 0.3 l/h to 30 m3/h. The pressures are usually medium, between 10 and 50 bar, although they may be as high as 70 or 100 bar.

Specific Requirements:

Difficult Fluids

Numerous flammable hydrocarbons are dosed and transferred. The refineries also handle hazardous, acid and explosive products. DKM’s double diaphragm hydraulic pumps, with accessories designed to ensure safer and more stable working conditions (diaphragm rupture detectors, shock absorbers, multiplex systems) are ideal for these applications.

Explosive Environments

The pump models can all be fitted with explosion-proof motors. The accessories, control devices and shock absorbers also meet the same requirements.

Optimised Maintenance

The simplicity and robustness of the equipment, achieved thanks to DKM’s experience and compliance with API 674 and 675, ensure maximum availability. To further ensure the refiners’ need for full use of the equipment at all times, a team of technicians provide a programme of scheduled maintenance agreed jointly with the customer and performed by specialists.

Examples of Pumps supplied to the Refining and Petrochemical Industries:

Positive Displacement Transfer Pumps:

  • Transfer pumps for hydrocarbon-saturated water and acid hydrocarbons: GD60-2, 300 mmor above dosing head, GHC hydraulic units (up to 5 m3/h, at 50 bar)
  • Transfer pumps for fluids containing H2S and dimethyl disulphide (DMDS) (e.g. 1000 l/h, 40 bar)
  • Condensate and hydrocarbon transfer pumps (up to 30 m3/h)
  • Pentane and hexane transfer pumps (e.g. 2000 l/h, a few bar)
  • Alkaline nitrates transfer pumps (a few m3/h, a few bar)
  • Petrol and kerosene transfer pumps
For all these positive displacement transfer applications, the most commonly used pumps are:
GD60-2Super MD, GHC hydraulic units, with double diaphragms

Dosing Pumps:

  • Dosing of fluids with particles in suspension (magnetic check valve boxes specified for some PE processes)
  • Dosing of aluminium (pyrophoric) alkyls for the production of polyethylenes
  • Dosing of soda and hydrochloric acid
  • Dosing of antiflocculants, colouring agents, chelates, CCl4 and TiCl4
  • Dosing of pentane, hexane, butene, kerosene and mineral oil
  • Dosing of phosphates and amines
  • Dosing of ethylene glycol (MEG, TEG)
For these dosing applications, the best suited pumps are:
Super K and Super KL with double and metal diaphragms.

DKM has supplied complete assemblies for refineries, extensions and special units such as HDT, HDS and Claus units (sulphur recovery), and polyethylene, ethylene, etc. units.


Arco, Astrakhan, Ineos, Bangladesh Eastern Refinery, Brown&Root, China Petrochemical Complex, Total, ExxonMobil, Foster Wheeler, Heurtey Petrochem, Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd, Litwin,  Mazowiecke Zaklady Refinery, Naphtachimie, Naftec, Petrokimia Nusantara Interido, Polyethylene Malaysia SDN Bhd, Qatar Petroleum Corporation, Sara, Shell, Sinokellog,  Socabu, Sofresid, Technip, Total Raffinage, TPL, Volski

For the above-mentioned applications, DKM has supplied thousands of pumps in the European Community, Eastern Europe andRussia, the Maghreb and the Middle East, inChinaand the Indian Subcontinent.